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about imageNow let me tell you a little bit about our Tax School. Nationwide Tax Institute has been training students to become Tax Preparers since 2003. Our course is the only course in the tax preparation industry that gives you the precise theoretical and practical knowledge you need to become, not just a Tax Preparer, but an accomplished Tax Preparer with the proficient skills and confidence to delve right into your own tax preparation business as if you have been doing it for 20 years and we help you to achieve that in just 12 hours.

Our Tax Training Program is affordable and more importantly, it is guaranteed. If for any reasons, you cannot prepare almost any individual or small business tax returns after completing our course, we will refund your tuition fees immediately, no questions asked.

So there is no reason to waste your time in a classroom for 3-4 months or taking a tax course online for 6 months and after completing it, you are still not able to prepare a meaningful tax return or learn a tax software.

In fact, some tax courses you take will only confuse you instead. When the course is over after 3 months, you’re still trying to figure out which forms do what or go where. You won’t even know how to enter them into the tax software.

Nationwide Tax Institute guarantees when you complete our course, you will know exactly what to do with any forms or schedules you learn In our course. Thus, when a client walks into your office, you will know exactly what to ask the client for and exactly what to do with the forms handed to you.

So don’t waste your time in those lengthy, dull, expensive Tax Courses. You can jump on an airplane and come to any one of our Offices (New jersey or Pennsylvania) by Sunday night and by Tuesday you will be home with all the knowledge and skills you need to start your own Tax Preparation Business.

Without a doubt, Nationwide Tax Institute has the fastest, most comprehensive, easy to understand and practical tax preparation course in the nation. Bar none. Our Tax School have made extensive research in the Tax Laws and practices to design a course specifically for those who desire to enter the Tax Preparation Business without the hassle, costly tuition and exorbitant time consumption.