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tax training courseThis is a practical Tax Training course for anyone who is looking to enter the Tax Preparation Business or anyone who wants to learn to Prepare Tax returns the easy way. This is a 12-hour course which is designed to teach you precisely what you need to know to prepare any individual or small business tax returns.

The emphasis of this course will be on Tax Practice as opposed to acquiring theoretical knowledge. Though this is important, but this Tax Training Course will focus mostly on teaching you how to prepare tax returns instead of being bogged down by unnecessary Tax Laws.

Nevertheless, you will be taught the necessary Tax Laws you will need to understand the entire tax process. In fact, you will be able to assimilate and understand all the Tax Laws that are appropriate and essential for your tax business than even someone who had acquired a Master’s Degree in Taxation. Promise!

Please be prepare to download our Tax software on your computer so you can practice tax returns at home in your spare time.

So welcome to our Tax Preparation Training Course. We look forward to working with you and making you the best Tax preparer you can ever be.


Sign up and schedule your Tax Training course now! This is a two day course, 6 hours each day. Classes are held either on Saturday and Sunday or Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-5pm.